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Reducing administrative time and cost and increasing resident satisfaction with our proven integrated Property Management Lifestyle Software.

Product Overview

Converged Control offers an integrated lifestyle and information management software designed for communities, commercial buildings, condominiums, and residential neighborhoods seeking to automate administration and common services under a unified intelligent platform through a user-friendly, intuitive, graphical interface. Through this platform residents can take advantage of all services provided by their property and managers have 24/7 access to residents’ data and management modules.

For property managers, Converged Control is a full property management solution, where managers and the board of directors can centrally administer all aspects of the property. Property managers can send and track violations, check in/out keys, manage resident information such as spouse, pets, children, emergency contact information, and warranty information; maintenance personnel can manage inventory, maintenance work orders, and staff; and security staff can manage property incidents, staff and notifications. With Converged Control, managing your property becomes an easy task, as each front desk user can have access rights to their area of responsibility and residents can access the services and information they need for simplicity in their everyday lives.

For residents, Converged Control software is accessed via a web interface or via any mobile device with web browser capabilities. This allows for residents to access all of the features available from their home, office or from anywhere in the world. Users can reserve facilities, view account balances, make online payments, view violations and code-compliance issues, order services such as cleaning or babysitting, and receive instant property communications, notifications and events in their own personalized information portal.

In addition, Converged Control is a location-aware platform allowing residents and staff to receive relevant information as the system recognizes their location within the property.

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Features for property management staff

  • All modules are integrated so data entry and updates are in one database that updates through the API with the Accounting System
  • Log resident visitors, badge contractors, and manage special entry permissions
  • Send resident notifications for community events, violations, surveys, and meeting agendas and minutes
  • Manage maintenance service requests and reports, and communicate maintenance activities to residents
  • Inventory control with label printing, automated email, fax or SMS notifications and communications
  • Store resident documents, notifications and violations (electronic-filing)
  • Prepare and send notifications and violations via email, fax or mail
  • Manage facilities reservations throughout the property including move-ins or move-outs
  • Post maintenance schedules or other important information in a community calendar
  • Have historical audit trails and logs of all system activity
  • Violations software, gate access management software
  • Integration with accounting platforms such as TOPS, Jenark, Skyline, Sage, Caliber, and CINC
  • We also work closely with third party vendors that provide security, gate access and other functional services for residents and managers

Features for residents

  • Request and track repairs
  • Integrate the system with their home automation platform (Control4® or Crestron®)
  • View account balances and make online payments (if available from Accounting)
  • Have mobile access to the system via custom app on their smart devices
  • Update personal contact information for unit residents or tenants
  • Schedule personal services offered to the community
  • Reserve facilities such as party room, elevators and clubhouse areas
  • View maintenance activities schedule and send maintenance requests for common areas
  • View local information for restaurants, entertainment, movies, news, weather, traffic reports, and more through a localized information portal
  • Visitor and vendor access registration and tracking
  • Voice to text communications
  • Online Voting and Tenant Evaluations