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Generating new revenue streams and cost savings for our clients and improved communication solutions and connectivity for their clients.


The onset of the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and new amenity demands such as in-building cellular & property lifestyle software assert additional complexities for owners, developers, and executive boards. Converged Services helps plan for future-proof scenarios and enables clients to offer in-demand property amenities, while leveraging high-end ancillary revenues. With technology expertise in varying housing markets including, but not limited to market rate, student housing, senior housing, homeowners’ associations, and affordable housing – Converged Services is enabling clients to evolve as leaders in the housing space.

Public Safety Compliance

Converged Services will suggest service provider programs to ensure that complex and varying public safety requirements are met during early stages of construction. Failure to address requirements early on can often lead to additional costs to meet compliance. Cellular and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) programs enhance the ability for first responders to quickly locate emergency locations.

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Optimizing Operations

Converged Services will provide centralized contract negotiations and proactive contract management to relieve property and corporate staffs from responsibilities not pertaining to resident or property focus. This will provide more consistent ancillary contract terms and ensure all opportunities for revenue are secured.

Stronger Net Operating Income

Converged Services will enhance net operating income by seeking multiple opportunities for high-end ancillary revenues. Aggregation of volume gives Converged Service unique negotiating leverage to secure industry leading financials.

Enhancing Overall Asset Value

Converged Services will help owners, developers, and executive boards enhance their property asset values by suggesting future-proof technology infrastructure, including fiber, by marketing, managing, and obtaining wireless carrier rooftop tenancy.

Preparing for Internet of Things (IoT) Demand and Expansion

With the onset of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the expanding demand for connectivity, Converged Services will seek programs from services providers that provide strong core data functionality for residents as well supplemental programs to address the new in-building cellular amenity demand. By partnering with Converged Services to make property technology decisions owners, developers, and executive boards can ensure that properties will be prepared for IoT product connectivity and 5G cellular networks.


When a client chooses Converged Connect to evaluate their voice communications, the process begins with a needs analysis to determine which service providers could be the best fit for their business. Once selected, Converged Connect negotiates on their client’s behalf to secure the most favorable terms with regard to Price, Service Level Agreements and Project Management. With over one hundred years of combined staff experience Converged Connect is positioned to provide the best customer experience in the industry.

Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted Voice or Hosted PBX is a service delivered over the public internet or a private network. Especially resilient due to it architecture, Hosted PBX is a perfect solution for our clients with mission critical needs and those that are in multiple locations.

Telephone Service

From Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to Primary Rate Interface (PRI) to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks available today, whatever your business requirements dictate can be provided reliably and cost effectively.

Contact Center

Select from a number of providers that can deliver call routing and multi media contact centers with the reporting and real time information needed to minimize staffing and maximize customer service.

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When it comes to data connectivity, the sea of providers is difficult to navigate. Am I paying too much? Can it be faster for less? How reliable is my service? How scale-able is my service? These questions and more are answered when you engage Converged Connect for your high speed internet and data connectivity needs. And since we manage the deployment process, you can focus on your business.

High Speed Internet

Whether your business needs a high speed fiber connection at HQ your DSL at a remote site, Converged Connect can assist in the selection and negotiate the service that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Private Networks

For multi location clients that demand the most in speed and security, a private network is the answer. From dedicated private lines to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) clients rely on Converged Connect to keep them up and running a secure.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless technology can provide connectivity and network redundancy delivered by microwave technology. In supported metropolitan areas this technology can support Voice, Private Line, MPLS and Dedicated Internet services.


Businesses today have a decision to make. Should I move to the cloud? Should I remain on prem? Or should we do both (hybrid)? The cloud brings unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility, scale-ability and reliability to any company’s IT strategy. But is it right for your company? Let Converged Connect help you decide and allow a choice from a broad range of services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is the first of three cloud computing services available today. An IaaS provider hosts, typically in their data center, the hardware also called hosts which are comprised of physical servers, storage and other components for their users.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is the middle layer of the cloud and provides the Operating System (OS) which resides on the IaaS. Deploying PaaS allows for more rapid changes when requirements shift in the enterprise.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a manner in which software is distributed over the Internet and is hosted on the PaaS and IaaS respectively. These applications are usually made available on a monthly subscription basis based on customer.


For customers that want to provide and maintain their own infrastructure within a secure cloud environment, rack space is available in multiple data centers.